P.Minister Narendra Modi launched the Ayushman Bharat National Health Protection Mission.  Through this scheme, about 50 crore people from more than 10 crore families will get free treatment.

 Read important things related to the plan

 Under this scheme 10 crore families are estimated to be selected on the basis of 2011 census.  The list of families has been prepared from the Aadhaar number and you will get the benefit of the facility.  After preparation of the list, then no identity card will be required to take advantage of this scheme.

 How will I get your registration done?
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In 2011 census, people below the poverty line will get a place in it.  You can check whether your name is in the scheme or not at Mera.pm.jay.gov.in.  First you go to this website.  A box will be found on the home page here.  Put mobile number in it.  OTP will come on that.  It will be known if your name is added to it or not.

 Apart from this, people can call toll free 14555 to find out if their name is linked in this scheme.  People can also go to nearby hospitals to find out whether they will get the benefit of this scheme or not.

 How will you get benefit in hospital

 The patient will have to provide his insurance documents after hospitalization.  Based on this, the hospital will inform the insurance company about the cost of treatment and the treatment can be done without paying the money as soon as the insured person's documents are confirmed.  Under this scheme, the insured person will be able to get his treatment not only in the government but also in private hospitals.  The work of connecting private hospitals has started.  It will also get the benefit that there will be less congestion in government hospitals.  The government will open more than one and a half lakh health and wellness centers across the country under this scheme, which will get free essential medicines and testing services.

 You will be able to get benefits without any basis

 You do not need an Aadhaar card for Ayushman Bharat Yojana.  According to the Supreme Court, you do not need an Aadhaar card to take advantage of any government scheme.

 Which disease will be able to be treated

 Under this scheme maternal health and delivery facilities, neonatal and child health, adolescent health facility, contraceptive facility and facility for management of infectious, non-infectious diseases, treatment of diseases related to eye, nose, ear and throat separately  Unit will be.  The elderly can also be treated.

Apart from this, people can call toll free 14555

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