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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Bring on the Modi government and plan, invest only 5000 and earn Rs 50 thousand

Modi government has implemented several schemes including Start up India.  Thereby benefiting those who want to start their own business.  Now alternatives have been created that can generate good income in small investments.

 To promote tea kettle, the central government is planning to sell kulwaldi tea at important railway stations, bus depots, airports and malls in the country.  So that small tea business can be started by investing in a small capital.  Because, if the government implemented the scheme, the need for kettle would be huge in the coming years.  Along with this you can trade cooled tea or flavored milk.

 Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has taken the initiative in this regard.  He has demanded a ban on selling tea in plastic or paper cups to promote kettle in several ministries, including railways, roadways.

 Help the potter too

 PM Narendra Modi has implemented a potter empowerment scheme to promote Kuldadi's business.  Under this, the government gives the potters an electric wheel.  So that they can make a kuladi.  Later, the government buys this kuldadi at a good price.

 General income earns well

 Kitli's business can start at just Rs 5,000.  It will only require a little space.  "This year the government has targeted to distribute 25,000 electric wheels," said Vinay Kumar Saxena, chairman of the Khadi Rural Industries Commission.

 How much money

 Tea kettle is usually priced at Rs 500, kulddi is priced at Rs 150 per 100 nuggets, the cup is Rs 100 per 100 rupees.  Now, after the Modi government's plan, its demand will increase and there will be good earnings.

 Tea kettle

 With the supply of kuldadi you can also do kuld tea or milk business.  The business also starts at Rs 5,000.  In the cities of Kullad four, the price is Rs 15 to Rs 20.  Cooled tea business also saves around 1000 rupees in 1 day.  200 milliliters of milk in kuldhi is priced between Rs 20 and Rs 30.  Selling 1 liter of milk will cost at least 30 rupees.  Selling 500 liters of milk a day can make a profit of around Rs 1500 a day.

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