Home Lone Take care of these things in taking 2020

Have a house of your own. More money is required to build or buy a house, so many times people have to take a loan. Home loan also makes your home and you also save tax. Before taking a home loan, the customer should take information about all the home loan offers available in the market and which should be comparatively

Bank interest rate

●Punjab National Bank 6.70-7.40
●State Bank Of India 7.35-8.25
●HDFC Bank 7.50-8.50
●ICICI Bank 7.70-8.80
●Union Bank Of India 6.70-7.10
●Central Bank Of India 6.85- 9.05
●Bank Of Baroda 6.85- 9. 10

Choosing a longer period for the customer to repay the loan increases his eligibility. Over a long period, the debtor gets additional time to repay the loan. This also makes installments of lesser amount. In such a situation, it is ensured that the customer can repay the loan on time.

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If the spouse is working and has a good credit score, their name can be added as a co-applicant in the application for a joint home loan