Know Your Revenue Survey Number Through Google Map:Measuring on the land is a very tuff task and required so much time for measuring. And also the task is required more people for measurement and precision instrument for them.

In old time people can measure with rope and scale, by passing time they using measuring taps and now measurement is done by Internet based GPS system.

So we coming with this application for simple to use and easily calculate area or perimeter with the help of this GPS Fields Area Measure, Area Calculator for land application.

This GPS Fields Area Measure, Area Calculator for land provides you data from Google maps and GPS based measurement.

By using GPS or Internet you can measure large area in very little time and very less instrument and no any other staff or people required for measurement.

This GPS Fields Area Measure, Area Calculator for land measurement is very accurate and less error than hand measurement.

Farmer can measure their farm area or harvest area in just one click by using this app.

Government also take survey of any rain flooded area, drought, land measuring survey, marking forest area or measure green cover in the city and many other thing can done by using this app.

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It's a great tool for paddock calculation and measuring.


  • Measure Area, Distance
  • Search Area and Calculate ground area
  • Measurement saving and editing
  • Different measurement unit converting, like Acre into Hector
- Surveyor Location measuring, Building measurement
- Map, Satellite, Terrain and Hybrid view available

How to use?
🗺️ Go to Play store and Download the GPS Fields Area Measure, Area Calculator for land
🗺️ Click on ''Area Calculator'' and choose area from the map by using 'manual Measuring' or 'GPS Measuring'.
🗺️ For measuring Perimeter or Distance, you just click on "Distance calculator'' and mark the mapping distance by dropping a pin on the map.
🗺️ If you know the coordinates of the place, you can enter latitude and longitude of the place and you can get the place of that position.
🗺️ This area, distance or place can be saved in your phone for later use.
🗺️ You can share this calculated area with your friends and learn measurement with this app.