How to Insert Rights in Inheritance॥ Hayati Ma Name Dakhal Karvanu Form

Provisions for the transfer of property, inheritance / reduction in agricultural land / inheritance, prior to the death of the tenant, etc.

The British Land Law on Land Management - The Land Revenue Law is still in force today and the basic law of this law is to collect land revenue and protect the occupants' rights.
Entries in Revenue Record have a financial value and will be deemed valid unless the revenue record records / transactions are proved against the contrary

In the 5th, the record of rights of the occupiers was added to the record of rights. Are known as notes of.. In it, the name of the landholder who is responsible for paying revenue is shown in the occupier so that he is responsible for paying the revenue to the government.

First of all, if the inheritance is to be taken, after the death of the landlord, all the inheritance of the straight line, including the example of death, is to prepare the generation name of the male and female, including the minor, and according to the circular dated 3-4-8 of the Revenue Department. An affidavit is to be made on the stamp of 2 and on the basis of which the legacy is registered in the center and the certiorari is not certified by the Revenue Officer.

But in this case there is no restriction in the case of ancestral or self-acquired hereditary farmers and such distribution article is not required to be registered, but if any legacy allowance means financial transaction, the article should be registered. The remainder of the remaining farmer landlord's writings are recorded in the writ petition. In addition, after the death of the landlord, family distribution among the legal heritage will be Rs. Undertaking can be done on a stamp of. Similarly, if there is a division between the family heirs, within a five year timeframe and if there is land in the joint name and non-dividend ie distribution without financial transaction, the value of the land will be Rs. Undertaking on stamp paper can be done. In addition, after the inheritance of the land, legal

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