The number of corona patients in Surat is increasing day by day. Today is that the third day during a row that the front secretary of health is visiting Surat. Jayanti Ravi visited Surat Civil. Jayanti Ravi had a gathering with health officials in Surat. The meeting discussed controlling the corona. The frontline health secretary has given some hints after the meeting.

Pan-masala shops in the state may close again
We will close pan-masala shops in the area where the case grows: Jayanti RaviConcerned over Corona's growing case: Jayanti RaviCorona's affliction is increasing day by day in Surat. In Teva, Surat Health Front Secretary Jayanti Ravi visited the Katargam zone. Then today, the front health secretary Jayanti Ravi gave some hints about the closure of pan-masala shops. Today, important news has come up for the development of Pan-Masala. Pan masala shops within the state are likely to shut again. In Surat, the front secretary of health has given a sign . "We will close pan-spice shops within the area where the case grows," he said. With this, the pan-masala binders have started stocking up.

Earlier, Jayanti Ravi had said that the seating arrangement within the diamond industry and therefore the habit of spitting on the road might be one among the explanations for the rise in corona transition.

Why are corona cases on the increase in Surat?
Jayanti Ravi said that there are many reasons for the rise within the number of corona cases in Surat. But the diamond industry could also be one reason. The seating arrangement is one among the explanations . People sit next to every other and grind diamonds. It increases the likelihood. Even today within the circulation of the town I saw that the system of wearing masks has improved a touch . So spitting is additionally a habit, also as adopting social distance, therefore the chances of transition are reduced. The densely urban area could also be thanks to alittle increase in numbers.

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Surat Kovid Hospital to urge 600 more beds: Jayanti RaviHealth front secretary Jayanti Ravi held a news conference in Surat on the rising case of corona. He said that employment has been began to expand the new system in Kovid Hospital. Surat Kovid Hospital will get 600 more beds. 180 new ICUs are going to be provided. Jayanti Ravi visited Katargam and Varachha area. He spoke to an NGO for public awareness. The NGO are going to be ready to conduct door-to-door surveys. People are going to be informed about Corona.