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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

opening Schools Classes 9 to 12 : From limited hours for different options being considered

opening Schools Classes 9 to 12 : From limited hours for  different options being considered

While no date has been fixed for re-opening the schools as yet by the government, the schools and local authorities are working on various plans to re-open schools. Here's a list of possibilities.

Re-opening Schools: When & how

The recent guidelines issued by MHA for Unlock 3.0 has mandated that schools and colleges would remain closed till August 31, 2020. Parents in various surveys have expressed their reluctance to send the children to the school just yet. Reports suggesting schools may reopen from September 1 have been denied by the Government. No dates have been decided as yet.

As the months progress, the word of the possibility of re-opening schools from September 1, 2020 are doing rounds on social media. While the government has denied any plans as yet of re-opening schools, parents have shared their reluctance to send the children back to school just yet. The question is when and how the schools would be re-opened. As for when, there is no confirmation. As to how, schools have shared the various possibilities of re-opening the schools.

While all these measures are being considered, experts suggest that even with schools re-opening, online classes would continue. “It would be blended learning as large class sizes cannot be accommodated. Schools must start preparing for live lectures and a blended model. We hope to welcome our students back with happy smiles but we are also mindful that schools may change – even when COVID19 pandemic ends,” Ms. Rai on re-opening schools.