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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

All about National Scholarship Portal


Like a lot of other things, education too is very important for living a civilized life. However, not everyone in this world is so stable that he or she could easily go for higher education. To support the students at various levels of their life, the government in every country launch various scholarship programs. These programs, help the students in gaining financial stability and in studying without any hurdle. In India too, there are a lot of scholarships launched by the government and NSP provides you all the information related to that. Here are some details about it or you can visit ojas for more information. 


What is the National Scholarship Portal 


National Scholarship Portal is a digital platform that can help you in getting scholarships a lot of scholarships offered by the central government, state government and other government agencies. These government agencies include the University Grants Commission and the All India Council for Technical Education. This platform has more than 50 scholarships to offer to go the interested students. The best thing is that till now it has helped the government in implementing scholarships worth rupees 2,000 crores. If we talk about the number of applications that this portal receive is 125 Lakh, out of which 105 lakh applications are verified. 


With all the above information here, you can clearly understand how important this portal is. Let us now focus on some more features of this website to give you more idea about it. 

Purpose of launching this portal


The very question that comes in the mind of people after visiting this website is, what is the need for this website. Apart from giving you information about various government scholarships, this website has a lot of other works too. Here are all the purposes for which this portal was launched. 


1. The government has a lot of scholarships to offer to the students, but the students don't know about them due to a lack of information. So, the first purpose behind the launch of this portal is to provide the correct and proper information related to every government scholarship. 


2. Once you have applied for a scholarship, a complete process is involved in it which will take you to the final step. To reach that ultimate step, one needs updates regularly. This portal will provide you that update. 


3. It is very important to have a record of those who have applied for the scholarship or are getting the benefit of any scholarship. This portal creates a database of those scholars. 


4. While applying for the scholarship, a lot of duplication happens. Well, this portal functions in such a way that nothing of this sort happens. 


5. There are not many portals, where you will find all the scholarships at one point. This portal has got all the state and central government scholarships at one point. 


6. Another reason for launching this website was to ensure the application of DBT Direct Benefit Transfer. 


Benefits of the portal 


It was introduced as the Mission Mode Project under the National e-Governance Plan. The National Scholarship Portal has been working as one of the most important scholarship portals that offer a variety of services starting from student scholarship application to the disbursal of scholarships to them. This is the first portal that offers a SMART way of giving and taking a scholarship. Here SMART means Simplified, Mission-oriented, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent. The working of this portal is very unique. It works very fastly and effectively and ensures that the amount of scholarship goes straight to the account of the beneficiary. Here are some more benefits that a student can get from here. 


1. This portal can give you all the information related to the scholarship you have applied for. 


2. The best thing about this portal is that you don't have to fill separate forms for different scholarships. You need to fill just one integrated form and then can apply online for as many scholarships as you want. 


3. It is a completely transparent portal, where you will get all the information without any problem. 


4. The master data for all courses and institutions at an all-India level could be easily found on this single platform.


5. It is not just helpful for the students, but for different officials too. It serves as a decision support system for these officials. 


6. One can easily check the eligibility for the NSP scholarships available, using this web portal. 


7. The way of applying for the scholarship is hassle-free as compared to any other site. 


8. You don't have to go to any physical office, for the completion of the process. The officials check the information online only. Meanwhile, you can track the progress of your form and application from this portal.


9. If the application is verified, the amount of scholarship is transferred directly to your bank account under the Direct Benefit Transfer. 


Different scholarships and schemes 


As we have already mentioned that it is one such portal where you get the information about different government related scholarship at one point. It has school schemes starting from std. 1 to the Ph.D. level. These different schemes include Central schemes, UGC schemes, AICTE schemes, State schemes. 


How to register yourself and apply for the scholarship on this portal?


The process of registration and the filling up of application forms is very easy. However, you may find it a little confusing, if you have visited the portal for the first time. So, here are all the steps that you should follow, to apply here. 


1. The first step is to get your registration done on this website. For that, you need to visit the web portal first. After that, you will find the option of a new user. Click on that. A list of guidelines related to filling up the form will pop up on the screen. Read them carefully and then fill up the required information. You will see a continue button then. Now, you need to press that to move further. After all this, you will get all the details related to your registration on your registered mobile number. 


2. The first step was for getting yourself registered with the portal. Now, to apply for the scholarship, you will have to follow some more steps. You need to find the NSP portal login button and then need to press that. After that, you can enter the application ID and password that you have on your registered number. 


3. After you have logged in to the portal successfully, it is time to change the password of your account. This is a mandatory step and one could not skip this. After the successful NSP login, you will get an OTP on the mobile number you have registered. Just place the OTP in the space provided and then you will be directed to the page where you can change the password. Now, change it continues. 


4. The final step is entering the dashboard and doing the last few things. After you have changed the password, you will be directed to the dashboard. Here, to start the application, you will have to click on the option, application form. The page that is there on your screen, fill there your registration details, academic details, and basic details. After that, click on ‘Save & Continue.’ The next page that is popping on your screen needs to be filled with contact details, scheme details and then you should upload necessary documents. If you want to take a look at whatever you have filled till now, then click on save as draft. Once confirmed, click on save and continue. 


One very important thing that you should note while filling up the registration form of this portal is that once you have submitted it, you won't be able to make any changes further. Therefore, it is advisory to fill the form with extra consciousness and double-check it before submitting finally. 


How track the status of the application form?


As we have already mentioned that the way you have applied for a scholarship program, in the same way, you can track the status of your application form. When you will go to the portal, there is this section called check your status. You need to do NSP student login to your account and then can press that button. 


Eligibility criteria for application 


We already know that NSP has different kinds of scholarships to offer to the students of India. Now, the eligibility of a scholarship program will differ according to the nature and level of it. 


These were all the important details that one should know if he or she wants to apply for a scholarship or want to know about the National Scholarship portal. We have added every information so that you don't get confused in any way. Talking about the portal, then this is one-stop destination for the information related to almost every important scholarship. You just need to register yourself with it and you will be updated from all the important things related to these scholarships.